Spring Faggio fun.

Spring celebration: party report

And we had another lovely get-together last Thursday. This time, we celebrated spring, with an outfit contest, Easter egg hunt, and a variety of spring themed jobs and challenges. First, thanks to everyone for joining: doozle, witt, mathilly, mattie, myst, reacher, sal, threep, villem, and last but not least, our recent recruit zarbon!

To start, we assembled near the cherry blossoms at the Vespucci canals showing off our vernal vehicles, and spring worthy outfits. Once more, we had another very tight vote, with witt, mathilya, myst, zarbon, threep, and reacher all getting the win with 7 votes: congratulations all! This earns you all a flower of the week title on discord. Special mention goes also to Villem, attracting NPC’s with his beautiful legs, and coolest jacket, earning him a coolest jacket of the week title on discord as well.

Next, we moved to an Easter hunt, where everyone had to compete to find 5 explosive Easter eggs, hidden by yours truly. Witt, myst, and reacher each found one egg, but the win went to zarbon for finding the remaining two. That earns zarbon an Easter bunny of the week title. Well done all!

To continue, we performed an impromptu race to the beach, where threep came out fastest, earning him an Easter hare of the week title. Congratulations!

We then started our playlist. To kick off, we had a lawnmower team race, where mathilya went fastest through the grass. A death run ensued, where witt displayed amazing shooting skills. A casco race through the spring fog in the hills ensued, where zarbon took the lead. We then enjoyed some fresh air with bikers versus RPGs, where myst quickly proved to have the best strategy. A blazer aqua race followed, this time won by myst and threep. We then battled for Easter eggs in a game of angry birds. Witt took the win in doozle’s fun run on the beach. Villem’s dune sumo battle finished off the playlist.

In the end, myst won the playlist, ahead of zarbon in 2nd place, and witt in 3rd place. This earns myst a well deserved player of the week title. Congratulations all!

Thanks everyone for joining. As always, you can find some pictures below, and a recording of the party is on twitch as usual. I already look forward to our next event!

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