Black hole: report from the event horizon

And we had another lovely cosy party last Thursday. This time, we explored the event horizon of Grand Theft Auto. First, thanks to everyone for joining: sal, reacher, threep, mathilya, zarbon, villem, and mattie!

To start, we assembled at the Galileo Observatory. After exploring an accidental wormhole to the roof of the building, we proceeded with an outfit voting contest. There, threep, mathilya, villem, zarbon, and sal each managed to get the maximum number of votes, and thereby earn a supernova of the week title on discord. Well done!

We then proceeded with a search for outdoor telescopes in the Vinewood Hills area. Using his sharp alien predator eyes, threep was the first to find one. Zarbon also identified a very well hidden telescope in Madrazo‘s house. This earns both threep and zarbon a stargazer of the week title! Also thanks to alex for suggesting to look for these telescopes.

Next, we proceeded to Paleto Bay for a spot of fence jumping into hyperspace. After some trial and error, we managed to launch ourselves into space, breaking through the barriers of classical Newtonian mechanics.

We then proceeded with a black hole themed playlist. To start off, we raced our Space Dockers through an alien landscape. We then raced our Rocket Voltics, boosting our rockets through the air. After pushing each other in the black hole in villem’s Dune sumo, we visited the predator at Fort Zancodo. We then plunged our Strombergs in attempt to break the lightspeed barrier. A game of black hole football followed. Two more races in dark secret boxes rounded off the playlist.

In the end, zarbon won the playlist with best overall performance, with villem in 2nd and mathilya in 3rd place. This earns zarbon a black hole of the week title. Congratulations for an impressive performance! And thanks again everyone for joining.

As always, you can find some of my pictures below. Thanks to zarbon for providing an additional really cool group picture! I you feel nostalgic, you can watch a recording of the party at the usual place. I already look forward to our next event!

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