Movie night event – report and pictures

No doubt, everyone likes watching movies. Such hobby combined with a multiplayer game could have been a recipe for a great crew party. And so, Zarbon, Doozle, Villem, Dr.Insane, Threep, Witt, Sal, Mattie, Reacher, Myst and myself participated in fun-filled movie night in GTA Online.

We gathered at Doppler Cinema. Unfortunately, it was closed. So we could not see what Rockstar directors prepared for the event. Instead of that, we went to a TV-shaped advertisement in East Vinewood for a group picture. Apparently, all circumstances were against us, as it turned out that the banner is too high. Even fleet of festive buses didn’t help. Finally, we went to film studio, as this is the place where most movies were made.

Next up, we moved to themed playlist:

  • First of all, Maze Runner resemblance. Participants were asked to go through a maze, containing tricks and traps. After 20 minutes of erring, no one managed to escape and we all died I showed the way out.
  • Then, a tribute to Cannonball. A very long race around State of San Andreas, on Gfred rules. Out of 11 participants, 2 left, other 2 decided to go on picnic. Eventually, Witt was the first to cross the finish line, ahead of me and Mattie
  • And finally, any football player’s biography movie (here, insert your idol!). This time, we used Nightsharks. Mattiealdo was the one who scored winning goal.

This time, playlist order did not matter for special roles on Discord choices. Player and Swag of the week titles go to Witt and Mattie, for their stellar performance in aforementioned jobs.

Mattie’s recording is here, and below are some pictures and screenes kindly provided by Mattie & Threep. Thank you all for joining and see you on future crew events.

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