Millionaires at the sunrise.

Mad millionaires: a report on a most opulent party

And we had another awesome party last Tuesday. This time, we acted out as mad millionaires. Thanks everyone for joining: frankie, doozle, mattie, reacher, mathilya, sal, threep, villem, and witt!

We kicked off with a meeting at Los Santos International Airport. To start, doozle showed off his money, threep sprayed his champagne, mathilya demonstrated his fashionable shoes, and reacher showed how to land a helicopter like a boss. An outfit voting contest followed, where threep and villem proved to be the most swaggy millionaires with the most swaggy cars, earning them a swag of the week title. Indeed, well done both!

For the next part, threep and villem each assembled a team from the remaining players, for a few millionaire battles! So, we started with an impromptu race from the Maze Bank Arena to Madrazo’s house. There, threep was the fastest and led his team to the win. For the next challenge, your’s truly had “hidden” his Princess Bubblegum Volatol somewhere on the map. The teams competed to be the first to find it. Quite a few people got very close, but in the end frankie was the one to find the plane, worth 2 more points for team threep.

For the next challenge, we engaged in a battle of “hold the yacht”. There, team threep defended their yacht with 3:38 seconds left on the clock, after a series of strategic distractions left an opening for mattie to gain access to the deck for just about long enough. Team villem defended with 3:35 seconds left on the clock. Consequently, that earned team villem 4 points.

For the final battle, we held two rounds of executive millionaire search. Threep cunningly hid and managed to outrun the entire timer. Villem had less luck, as threep quickly managed to pin him down. That earned team threep another 5 points, and thereby earning threep a very well deserved millionaire of the week title on discord. His team mates, doozle, frankie, and sal, also earn a well deserved team of the week title, for excellent support.

Finally, we ended the evening with a quick playlist: an air race in golden planes, an LTS at the Richman Mansion, and a race in Vinewood. Villem honourably won the playlist.

Below, you can enjoy some pictures provided by myself, threep, and doozle. A recording of the event is in the usual place. Thanks again to everyone for joining the event. I already look forward to our next one!

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