Birthday group photo on the beach.

Birthday celebration report: Ethical Retinue turned 4! 3

We had another fantastic crew event last Saturday. This time, we celebrated the crew’s 4th birthday. First, thanks to everyone for doing such great effort to join this special celebration: abdukov, backblast, reacher, nopitch, threepwood, mathilya, george, heggi, alex, mattie, witt, gloozy, dr insane, grey, myst, roof, zarbon, sal, and zyx. It was lovely to have you all!

We assembled at the beach near the Ferris wheel. There, a cute lady mugged jeffrey, accidental bombs fell from the sky. Mattie learnt finally after many years how to turn on the disco lights on his party bus. And nopitch kindly tried to recruit an npc, sadly to no avail. Once all party animals had arrived, we took a group photo.

Birthday group picture on the beach.

Of all party animals, threep dressed nicest, earning him a swag of the week title. Good job threep!

Next, we raced in our party busses to resume our debauchery at the nightclub. Alex was the fastest to arrive, earning him a party bus driver of the week title on discord. Well done! Honourable mention goes to backblast and gloozy for managing to stay on the party bus as DJ during the entire race. This earns them a party bus DJ of the week title. We danced, drank, and had loads of fun at the nightclub.

For the next part, we jumped into a playlist containing 13 of the most memorable crew jobs ever played. Pictures speak louder than words, so I suggest looking at the gallery below! All in all, mathilya once more managed to gain most points in the playlist, and thereby earns a player of the week title. Honourable mention also to myself and witt for a 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

If you would like to relive the best birthday moments, two recordings of the party are also on twitch, one by myself, and one by gloozy (thanks gloozy!). I hope everyone enjoyed getting together for the special occasion. I certainly did, and I already look forward to our next event!

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