Heist party coming on Sunday 1

March 10th, 2015. The day Heists Update was released changed GTA Online forever. Lester, Ron and Agent 14 organized 5 multi-tiered heists, which are the most popular way of earning money up to today. Their diversity and necessity of coopeartion makes them one of the best (if not the best) types of content Rockstar released in GTA Online. More than 4 years after this update, let’s relive all great memories connected with many successful heists, elite runs and Criminal Masterminds.

Our assembling point will be the place where it all started – Lester’s garment factory. Make sure to wear your favourite heist outfit. Bring your Armored Kuruma too, as we all agree that it was the most crucial vehicle in this update! From there, we will take part in sentimental journey across State of San Andreas, visiting places we robbed/invaded so many times:

  1. A race to Fleeca Bank in Armored Kurumas
  2. Parachuting to container in the docks (from both sides)
  3. Bolingbroke Penitentiary search for Maxim Rashkovsky and plane escape (in my Miljet, we’ll be in one MC in order not to kill each other)
  4. Insurgents vs Buzzards game
  5. Some gang attacks in Valkyries and sunbath at Humane Labs
  6. Trash collection capture
  7. Vigilante truck pushing
  8. Picnic with Avi Schwartzman
  9. Real Pacific Standard experience, including THE PICNIC with uncle Lester
  10. And finally, a group picture at Lester’s garment factory.

During this epic journey, we will share our most hilarious moments throughout our robbery career and many more. If you have any further suggestions on what shall we do, feel free to PM me via Discord or SC, or just leave a message on #event-planning channel on ETCL Discord server. Finally, thanks to everyone who completed a Doodle, to Mattie for providing featured image and hope to see you soon.

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