Celebrating diversity.

Cultural identities & diversities celebration this Tuesday 1

For our next event, I have something special in mind: a celebration of our cultural identities and diversities! To do so, we shall melt our cultural pots together in a range of activities and jobs.

To prepare, ensure that you have a hiking saved outfit, an underwear saved outfit, action set to drinking Pisswasser, and plenty of Pisswasser in your inventory.

Currently, I have planned:

  • A British posh dressing contest (criteria will be announced at the event). For this purpose, we will meet at the Vinewood Bowl.
  • A game of Spanish bull fighting at the Vinewood Racetrack.
  • Climbing the Swiss alps.
  • A battle of Belgian & French fries.
  • Enjoying a ride along the German autobahn with beergarten pit stop.
  • An Irish bar brawl.
  • A Polish dozer race to get in touch with our inner construction worker.
  • A mountain bike race through the Latvian forests.
  • A Dutch naked bicycle race through the city.

As per suggestion from doozle, all activities will be matched with music from the corresponding country.

If you still would like to make suggestions for activities or for music, please do let me know via the #event-planning channel on our discord!

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