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No spillage nappy change.
To celebrate new life in the crew once more, we’re assembling together this Thursday (tomorrow) at 9pm CEST for a rather special event: a nappy change training camp. Let’s learn how to contain those nappy leaks! Please be sure to bring your surgical gloves, wipes, a clothes peg, a water […]

No leakage nappy change training camp

Cultural identities & diversities, bottoms up!
Better late than never, here’s finally a report on our adventures from our cultural identities & diversities event! First, thanks to everyone for joining: reacher, mattie, grey, doozle, witt, threep, zarbon, mathilya, myst, villem, and roofstone. To start, we assembled at the Vinewood Bowl for a diverse meet up. The […]

Cultural identities & diversities party report

Pink is a very interesting colour. It definitely has that special something. Adds some sensuality, attractiveness. This is why Heroriks, Villem, Sal, Mattie, Grey, Witt, Doozle, Threep, Roof and myself gathered together in Los Santos – to feel the power of this special colour. We assembled at Pink Sandwich in […]

Pink power party – pink memories

The original Pink Power party was held back in October, 2017, and it was hosted by Mattie. Especially for this event, even crew colour was changed to pink. You can also find a report of our adventures right here. After almost 20 months, let’s have a rerun of this hot […]

Pink Power party is back!