Cultural identities & diversities, bottoms up!

Cultural identities & diversities party report

Better late than never, here’s finally a report on our adventures from our cultural identities & diversities event! First, thanks to everyone for joining: reacher, mattie, grey, doozle, witt, threep, zarbon, mathilya, myst, villem, and roofstone.

To start, we assembled at the Vinewood Bowl for a diverse meet up. The kind cops from Los Santos also made an appearance. We then entered the Spice Girls bus for a trip to the fashion house. There, everyone did their best to dress like a Spice Girl (even the boys!), or failing that, like David Beckham. In the end, the poshest dressers were roofstone and villem, earning them a corresponding title of the week on discord. Congratulations both!

We then continued our exploration of diversities with a game of bull fighting at the airport. There, myst proved to be most skilled, earning a bull fighter of the week title. For the next activity, we changed outfits for a naked bicycle ride through town. This time, mathilya came out fastest, earning the corresponding title.

Back into our normal outfits, we continued with an Irish bar brawl (won by threep), a drunk Pisswasser highway race to the local beergarten (won by zarbon), a yodelling mountaineering race to the top of the Matterhorn (won by doozle), a version of the Tour de France (won by witt), a Belgian/French fries fight for potatoes contributed by myself (won by grey), a crazy Polish dozer race contributed by mathilya, and a mountain bike race from Latvia contributed by heroriks (who sadly did not make it to the event).

Corresponding titles were assigned to celebrate all our diversities. I hope everyone enjoyed the party as much as I did! You can find some pictures (kindly provided by madebywitt and by myself) to relive the good memories. Zarbon also recorded the party, and this can be found here.

I already look forward to our next event!

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