Daily Archives: June 23, 2019

Biker barbecue perperation.
It’s been a while that we’ve had a biker meet. Whilst the summer is out, we might as well combine it with a barbecue. So, all warmly welcome tomorrow at 9pm CEST for a biker barbecue meeting at The Range in Stab City, near Sandy Shores. Be sure to bring […]

Biker barbecue: join the fun tomorrow!

Finally, here’s the report on our messy nappy change party! First of all, congratulations once more to “mother of the week” solitaire, and to everyone who joined the celebration: doozle, dr insane, grey, witt, mathilya, quiomi, threep, mattie, sal, villem, and viridian. To start off, we assembled at the Vinewood […]

No leakage nappy change: messiest moments