No leakage nappy change: messiest moments

Finally, here’s the report on our messy nappy change party! First of all, congratulations once more to “mother of the week” solitaire, and to everyone who joined the celebration: doozle, dr insane, grey, witt, mathilya, quiomi, threep, mattie, sal, villem, and viridian.

To start off, we assembled at the Vinewood playground with our ambulances, champagne, pyjamas, nappies, trikes, nerf guns, and safety masks. An outfit contest followed, where grey, witt, doozle, dr.insane, and sal each managed to get the most votes. Congratulations to all! This earned doozle, dr.insane, and sal a cutest baby of the week title (with witt and grey earning separate titles further on during the event).

Next, we raced our ambulances to Sandy Shores medical centre. Villem’s team managed to reach the hospital first, however, in the stress of the moment of deliverance we missed the checkpoint, and allowed witt’s team to grab the win. This earns witt a midwife of the week title, well done! Kudos also to threep for managing to explode his ambulance (not a small feat!).

We then started our playlist with a nappy change race. There, mathilya grabbed the next title as nappy changer of the week. Next, we tried to control our tantrums with an RPG deathmatch at the Maze Bank tower. Grey achieved least kills thereby earning a dream baby of the week title. We then raced our Issi Classics in a pink themed Rockstar race. There, Villem took the next title as toy car racer of the week.

We continued with a pram race in the desert around Sandy Shores, where threep proved to be the pram racer of the week. We continued with a “felopian” race in Raptors, where witt took the win. A wet contest followed in the rivers of Los Santos, this time won by villem. We continued with doozle’s fun run on trikes, where dr insane forgot trikes had three wheels and so came first, followed by mathilya in 2nd place. We finished the evening with a game of baby bowling.

Once more, thanks everyone for joining. I hope everyone enjoyed the party as much as I did, and I already look forward to the next one! A recording of the party is on twitch in the usual place. Below, you can find some pictures as well, provided by myself, doozle, threep, and witt (thanks for the help guys!). Enjoy!

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