Best looking biker: ghost rider.

Biker barbecue: roaring moments!

And we had another lovely crew meet, this time, around the biker theme. Thanks to everyone for joining: grey, villem, mathilya, myst, sal, solitaire, threep, mattie, and special guest kikko!

We assembled at The Range in Stab City for an outfit contest. A very tight vote followed. After some contemplation, solitaire was awarded the sexiest biker of the week title, for a really cool ghost rider look, with home stitched pants! We continued with a game of jousting, where myst became the jouster of the week, with excellent jousting skills.

Next, we caged ourselves trying to follow an ever decreasing bubble. Villem was the last one standing, earning a cunning biker of the week title. We continued with a prison bus jailbreak. We liberated the prisoners with excellent teamwork!

A short playlist followed, where mathilya was the fastest, threep the warzone biker, grey the best shootout, and sal the best stunter.

Congratulations everyone, and thanks again for joining the party. Below you can find some pictures for good memories (kindly provided by myself, solitaire, and threepwood), and my recording is available on twitch in the usual place.

I already look forward to our next event!

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