Hot ricer jumping bridges.

Hot ricer report: who riced the hardest?

We had a cosy but lovely ricer meet, now nearly two weeks ago. Lateness of the report due to some travel, but here it finally is! Thanks to everyone for joining: villem, solitaire, heggi, lorsch, mattie, and mathilya.

We started showing off our hot ricer cars. Props to lorsch for bringing along his travel suitcase modded Regina, and to heggi for bringing along his party bus. After some goofing around, we started our playlist.

We started with a hotring race at the airport. There, heggi proved to be the fastest, earning a hotring racer of the week title. Villem’s Cabmaggedon followed, where Villem showed to be the best at cab survival, earning a cab racer of the week title. We continued with a race in Issi Classics. There, solitaire became our mini ricer of the week.

We continued with an RC race from the Observatory to downtown, once again heggi proving to be the fastest. For the next job, mathilya joined us and proved to be the best at surviving our traditional big hole derby sumo, becoming the last ricer standing of the week. We ended the evening with roofstone’s Vanilla Tracks, where yours truly managed to stay ahead of the crowd.

To end the night, we enjoyed a range of simple freemode activities.

You can find the recording of the party on twitch as usual. Pictures below are kindly provided by solitaire and myself. Enjoy, and I look forward to our next event!

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