Skinfull party!

Skinfull sins: who were the wildest party animals? 1

Here’s the report on our wildest crew night yet. First of all, a big skinfull thanks to everyone for joining: threep, solitaire, heggi, doozle, villem, mathilya, roofstone, witt, heroriks, simon, jack, lazlow, tony, and of course myself.

We started off with a casino meetup on the roof in the pool area. Following a group picture in the pool, we kicked off an outfit vote. All showed off their party clothes. Witt, threep, and solitaire won the vote, earning themselves a swag of the week title. Congratulations! Hegg, in second place, became our valet of the week.

We then continued with a skinfull tour along everyone’s nightclub. We danced and drank to the favourite tunes of every host. Accidents happened. Toilets were visited. Lazlow and Tony seemed a bit depressed, however we drank their sorrows with them. We ended the party night with a private casino party. Heroriks earned himself champagne man of the week title, for excessive expenditure. Simon, having flown a helicopter last week, earned himself a celebrity of the week title.

A short playlist followed, consisting of mostly simple races suitable for drunk driving. Roof won the playlist, earning a drunk driver of the week title. Well done!

Heroriks kindly streamed the party, and a highlight of the stream is on his twitch page here. Some pictures can be found below, kindly provided by myself, threepwood, solitaire, and also a few from doozle, heggi, and villem. Thanks everyone for a really nice event, and especially thanks to solitaire for spawning the idea of having a club night with the crew. Perhaps we can do this again some time. I already look forward to our next event!

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