Monthly Archives: August 2019

Scorching summer in Los Santos.
With the hot season nearing its end, let us give summer a proper celebration tonight! What better way to do so than by chilling with your friends at the beaches, in the lakes, and over the hills of Los Santos? This time, do bring along your most colourful summer outfits, […]

Sizzling summer celebration tonight

While the original hipster culture is slowly fading and transforming into new peculiar subcultures, until last week, our crew hadn’t had a hipster themed party yet. Luckily we can now cross it out from the to-do-list. Gathering A week ago a number of crew members gathered in the industrial neighborhood […]

Being hipsters after it was cool

“I’m Not a Hipster” DLC was realised already in 2014 which means that most of us, PC players, haven’t thoroughly explored that update. However, with the imminent arrival of the ultimate hipstermobile, Vulcar Nebula, it’s the best time to fix that minor fault. Tonight, at 21.00 CEST, release your inner […]

Hipster lifestyle celebration tonight

Without a doubt, Epsilon Program is one of the most mysterious organizations, not only in state of San Andreas, but also whole GTA game series. Last Tuesday, ETCL members gathered at headquarters of this cult and wantoned in front of Cris Formage’s empire. Many interesting vehicles arrived, driven by Lorsch, […]

Kifflom, may Kraff be with you!

Kifflom! With this expression, all Epsilonists greet each other. This Tuesday, we will join this mysterious cult. The leader of Epsilon Program, Cris Formage kindly accepted to patronize our next crew party. As a meeting point, we will gather at Epsilon Center in Rockford Hills. Bring your most wacky vehicles, […]

Epsilon cult gathering this Tuesday

And we had another lovely event yesterday, this time expressing our dismay at all the violence in the world with some good old fashioned flower power resistance! Thanks everyone for joining: threep, salbezreh, mathilya, villem, witt, doozle, roofstone, solitaire, viridian, and of course myself. Jack joined us as well for […]

Flower power: non-violent protest in the pictures

We’re on for another event tonight at 9pm CEST! This time, we’ll gather in a non-violent peaceful flower power protest, against all the horrible things that are happening in the world these days. So, gather your flower power, dress in bright colours, bring your hippie van, but above all, bring […]

Flower power peace demonstration tonight