Flower power peace demonstration tonight

We’re on for another event tonight at 9pm CEST! This time, we’ll gather in a non-violent peaceful flower power protest, against all the horrible things that are happening in the world these days. So, gather your flower power, dress in bright colours, bring your hippie van, but above all, bring your peaceful mind!

To start our flower power party, we will assemble at the Parsons rehabilitation center with our vans. From there, we will make a trip through Los Santos in the name of peace:

  • At the University of San Andreas we hope to inspire the next generation.
  • Near the Big Puffa on Del Perro Pier, we hope for a picture with Jesus.
  • At Smoke on the Water we shall enjoy the inexplicable peaceful atmosphere that always transpires around there,
  • Next, in front the Weazel News building (near the construction site) we will advertise our protest nationally.
  • At CafĂ© Redemption in Peaceful Street (a few blocks from Alta Street) we have a self-redeeming drink of Pisswasser,
  • At Maze Bank Tower, we shall see how peacefully high we can get. We will try to get as many hippie vans as possible to the top of the sky scraper,
  • At Mission Row Police Station (the one from the Station setup of Prison Break heist) we shall share our flowers with the local law enforcement. We’ll do a photo challenge to get the most peaceful selfie with a cop.
  • We will have a relaxing lie in protest at Mirror Park. You will learn how to make your hippie van float in the water.
  • We will have a brief stop at Gabriela’s market to get vegetables for some totally unsuspecting crew members.
  • Since we can’t legally drive after having too many vegetables, we’ll try to take a taxi at the Downtown Cab Co. (near the casino). From there, we will head over to Beam Me Up in Sandy Shores, for a final group picture.

Finally, depending on how late it is, we may then finish with a short friendly non-competitive playlist. Alternatively, we could also simply do some random freemode activities with the crew. I look forward to see you all there!

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