Flower power: non-violent protest in the pictures

And we had another lovely event yesterday, this time expressing our dismay at all the violence in the world with some good old fashioned flower power resistance! Thanks everyone for joining: threep, salbezreh, mathilya, villem, witt, doozle, roofstone, solitaire, viridian, and of course myself. Jack joined us as well for the afterparty.

Following a careful inspection by Los Santos’s finest, all were cleared for release from the Parsons rehabilitation center. First, we celebrated with a picture, and then we headed off to inspire the next generation at the University of San Andreas. Next, an impromtu race to Del Perro Pier followed, won by mathilya with villem in extremely close pursuit. That earns both a fastest flower of the week title, congratulations!

At the pier, we looked for Jesus near the Big Puffa, sadly to no avail. We thus continued to Smoke on the Water where we enjoyed the atmosphere. Kudos to witt for reminding us of the health hazards of smoking, earning him a healthiest flower of the week title! To advertise our activities nationally, we resumed our protest at the Weazel News building. Tension rose and some minor incidents happened. As the ambulance guys left one guy lying on the pavement, we attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, as well as electric shock defibrillation, sadly to no avail. Rest in peace, friend.

We resumed for a self-redeeming drink of Pisswasser at Café Redemption in Peaceful Street. Unsurprisingly, witt once more conscientiously reminded us of the health risks of alcohol consumption. Once we washed away our sins, we went up to Maze Bank Tower. There, we tried to get our hippie vans to the top of the sky scraper! And indeed, we succeeded with the help of some cargobobs.

Next, we resumed our flower power protest at Mission Row Police Station. After sharing our flowers with the local law enforcement, we had a photo challenge to get the most peaceful selfie with a cop. Because solitaire (first picture in the gallery below) won the challenge, she earns a swag of the week title!

Afterwards, we continued our protest at Mirror Park. There, we made our hippie vans float in the water! We briefly stopped at Gabriela’s market to get vegetables, and for a tinkle. Finally, we all took a taxi from the Downtown Cab Co. to head to Beam Me Up in Sandy Shores. Roofstone and myself literally got taken for a ride by the taxi driver, earning roofstone a hostage of the week title. Salbezreh kindly created an awesome video of our trip:

To end the evening, we played some fun random jobs, and engaged in a range of freemode activities.

As always, the recording of the party is on twitch as usual. Finally, below you can find a few pictures, kindly provided by myself, threepwood, solitaire, salbezreh, and doozle. Due to the many artful contributions, threepwood, solitaire, and salbezreh earn an artful flower of the week title. I already look forward to our next event!

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