Epsilon cult gathering this Tuesday 2

Kifflom! With this expression, all Epsilonists greet each other. This Tuesday, we will join this mysterious cult. The leader of Epsilon Program, Cris Formage kindly accepted to patronize our next crew party.

As a meeting point, we will gather at Epsilon Center in Rockford Hills. Bring your most wacky vehicles, painted in light blue. And what’s the most important – dress like Epsilonist. Wear a T-shirt or an entire outfit. These clothes need to be unlocked, so if you haven’t done so, here is what to do:

  1. For Kifflom T-shirt, you have to get drunk in your nightclub and pass out. Unfortunately, there is no rule for how many times you have to drink Macbeth in order to find yourself at the top of Epsilon Center building with aforementioned T-shirt.
  2. For Epsilonist outfit, you have to tip your restroom attendant in the toilets in your nightclub. Once you tip approx. $575, you can check your wardrobe.

In freemode, we will follow the way Michael De Santa traversed in order to get ready to learn the Truth. Also, we will visit places where some Epsilon Tracts are located. Some small freemode challenges are also in the schedule.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for completing a doodle. Also, my special gratitude goes to Roofstone for suggesting the original idea. If you have any further suggestions on what shall we do during the event, please share them on Discord. Looking forward to see you at the party, sisters sisters brothers brothers!

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