Kifflom, may Kraff be with you! 1

Without a doubt, Epsilon Program is one of the most mysterious organizations, not only in state of San Andreas, but also whole GTA game series. Last Tuesday, ETCL members gathered at headquarters of this cult and wantoned in front of Cris Formage’s empire.

Many interesting vehicles arrived, driven by Lorsch, Mattie, Villem, Roof, Sal, Reacher, Abdukov, Doozle, Threep, Kassz and myself. Light blue hue dominated, but the host of the party still decided to take a clown van. After worshipping Kraff, we went for a journey to the south, to the endless stairs. Unfortunately, there was no paradigm at the top of them, but still, it was a great place for some group pictures. Then, we went down (some faster than others, with a little help from gravity). Next up, we were told that Zolag left a Prairie somewhere in Cypress Flats. And our task was to find it. This time, Sal demonstrated his Sherlock skills and found the car. That grants him Swag of the Week title on Discord.

Then, we were planning to take a plane to Sandy Shores airfield, for next footprints left to us by Kraff. You’ll probably ask, since when 16=10? Only in Epsilon Program, as a plane for such amount of players could not accomodate poor Kassz. Instead, we took our Avengers, but it turned out to be not the best idea. Our fireworks attracted many, many cops, who were waiting at the airfield to say hi.

After cleaning the resultant mess, we took a party bus to Grapeseed in order to find kinetic mine yellow-glowing paradigm. Sadly though, it appeared that it was stolen before we arrived. Well, at least we managed to complete our workout, same as Zoldar had back in a day. Grapeseed fields turned out to be beautiful especially during sunrise. And finally, we participated in a tractor race, won by Villem. For afterparty, we tested one of my newest jobs and did some usual freemode stuff.

I’d like to thank everyone for joining the event. Special thanks go to:

  • Roofstone for suggesting the original idea
  • Threepwood for providing blog post with screenshots
  • Mattie, for providing snaps, converting all images and uploading them to the blog post; also for translation support 🙂
  • And finally Sal, who made a clip from the party, which can be seen below.

And that’s all, folks. Kifflom!

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