Hipster lifestyle celebration tonight 1

“I’m Not a Hipster” DLC was realised already in 2014 which means that most of us, PC players, haven’t thoroughly explored that update. However, with the imminent arrival of the ultimate hipstermobile, Vulcar Nebula, it’s the best time to fix that minor fault.

Tonight, at 21.00 CEST, release your inner hipster and join us for fun, suitably themed activities in GTA Online. Since Cool Beans coffeehouse has become too mainstream, we’ll instead meet in the backyard of Grand Banks steel foundry. There you can show off your over-priced vintage vehicles and compete who has the skinniest jeans and most over-sized glasses. After admiring our lovely rides and outfits, we will move on for a couple of freemode activities. Finally, there’s a playlist compiled of some hipster DLC jobs and others that fit the bill.

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