Being hipsters after it was cool 1

While the original hipster culture is slowly fading and transforming into new peculiar subcultures, until last week, our crew hadn’t had a hipster themed party yet. Luckily we can now cross it out from the to-do-list.


A week ago a number of crew members gathered in the industrial neighborhood of Murrieta Heights, a scenic landscape untouched by greedy businessmen who ruin everything that hipsters love . We set up a nice party in the backyard of a steel foundry and admired each other’s outfits and vehicles. Our peaceful evening was suddenly interrupted by loud gun shots as the Vagos gang had come to chase us away from what they claimed to be their territory. However, they had no idea that behind those large eyeglasses were the most notorious criminals in LS. Soon every Vagos member’s lifeless body was lying in blood and we could resume our party.

Looking for that special someone

After enjoying the sunrise and beautiful vista on the rooftops, it was time for a tricky challenge. Specifically, everyone had to help me find my car that had gotten lost previous night due to caffeine induced shenanigans with fellow hipsters. After a long search and thanks to my recovering memory, Witt finally found my dear hipstermobile. For some reason it was well hidden in a small homeless community under a highway bridge. I guess, due to excessive amount of coffee, at one point during the night I may have mistaken hobos for my hipster buddies. Anyway, my mechanic could now breathe easily again and we started up the playlist.


First up were a couple of classic jobs from the hipster DLC. Mathilya won the first one which was a race in Blade muscle cars. In the following LTS, however, Myst took down the opposite team practically by himself while all his team managed to survive. Myst continued his triumph in an RC Bandito race in the hipster paradise, Mirror Park. Next up it was time to propagate green and healthy lifestyle with a bicycle race, which was won by Witt. After that we captured cars, used in famous cult movies, and later fought for Mirror Park territory in Drop Zone.

As hipsters love everything vintage and guns are no exception, I couldn’t leave out a deathmatch with muskets. We concluded the playlist with a football match where we chased the ball in Pantos. Since, of course, regular football is too mainstream.


Thanks to everyone who joined the party at any point: Mattie, Mathilya, Threep, Roof, Reacher, Sal, Devil, Myst and Witt. I’ve awarded everyone, who were present, with “Hipster of the Week” Discord role. It’s also for most of you coming in awesome hipster outfits and interesting vehicles. Michael told Trevor during their famous conversation that Trevor was someone who other hipsters aspire to be – a proto-hipster. Therefore, for finding my car and winning the playlist, Witt got a special “Proto-Hipster of the Week” role.

Down below you’ll find the gallery with input by me, Mattie, Threep, Sal, Myst and Witt. As always, you can also watch the event in video form on Mattiejas’ Twitch page.

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