Scorching summer in Los Santos.

Sizzling summer celebration tonight

With the hot season nearing its end, let us give summer a proper celebration tonight! What better way to do so than by chilling with your friends at the beaches, in the lakes, and over the hills of Los Santos? This time, do bring along your most colourful summer outfits, as well as your sun hats and sun screen for adequate protection!

First, we’ll start with an outfit voting at Vespucci Beach to see who can pull off the most scorching summer look. After scaring away the sharks, we’ll do some skinny dipping in the clean sea waters of Los Santos. Next, we’ll head to the nightclub for a summer dance party. There, we’ll have some more group pictures, and some refreshing drinks. Finally, we’ll end the freemode part with a simple MacBeth challenge. For the playlist, we’ll do a selection of summer themed jobs. If you have any particularly suitable suggestions, please do let me know.

As usual, let us start at 9pm CEST as usual. I look forward to see you all there!

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