Sizzling summer racing!

Sizzling summer party: the hottest moments

We had another lovely event! To start, we sizzled in the summer sun. Early arrivals threep and me went for a spot of beach riding on the shoreline. Before long, the life guards spotted us and sent over Hasselhoff to deal with the situation. That called for a series of pranks. Threep ran off with his pedal car, and marwa confused him into a fistfight. After mattie called out Hasselhoff’s for violence against women, he started to fight mattie. Eventually, some yoga and mindfulness exercises brought him back into a permanent calm.

Next, we voted on our summer outfits. This time, all contenders won! To no surprise, as everyone looked absolutely stellar. This earns everyone a summer beauty of the week title. Thanks again everyone for the great efforts that you’ve all put into your outfits!

We continued with some group photo’s. One near the shark, and one on the shark at marwa’s request. Lightning struck from the clear skies, and sacrifices were made. Obviously, with sincere apologies. We can postpone the ritual goat slaughtering again by at least a week. Then, we took our adventures into the water. After hunting (or rather, scaring away) the sharks, we took a group photo. Finally, we raced back to the beach, where villem arrived first. For excellent lifeguard skills, this earns villem a Hasselhoff of the week title. Congratulations!

We got rather hot from all that playing, hunting, and swimming, so we took the party bus to the nightclub. Again, non-intentional casualties were made, and apologies were offered. Our ritual goat will be happy! We danced our way to the nightclub, and inside the nightclub. After a few drinks and a group photo, we started a MacBeth challenge, where everyone drank one MacBeth and we tried to see who could get furthest from the nightclub. The challenge was won by marwa and witt by making it to the top of Mount Chilliad. That earns them a party boozer of the week title on discord. Honourable mention also to roofstone for making it to the maze. Well done, everyone!

We then resumed the party with a playlist, including epic summer themed jobs from myst, villem, mathilya, doozle, and myself, with a few more crew classics and hidden treasures mixed in. Myst won the playlist, well ahead of villem and witt in 2nd and 3rd place. That earns myst a sunshine of the week title. Congratulations on an impressive performance, myst! For excellent pirate skills throughout the playlist, threep also earned a summarrr pirate of the week title.

You can find a recording of the event on twitch as usual. You can also find some pictures below, kindly provided by myself, threep, marwa, doozle, and witt. Thanks to villem, witt, reacher, doozle, myst, marwa, roofstone, and threep, for joining, as well as guests tithiya, sunset, and rofsher. I already look forward to our next party!

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