Back to school: join the party tonight!

And we are on for another party tonight, at 9pm CEST as usual! This time, we celebrate the start of a new school year. How to do this better then to go back to school in Los Santos with the crew, together with your on duty school masters, mattie and solitaire! For preparation, please ensure that you equip the correct uniform as depicted below. Note that jewellery is not permitted.

We shall assemble in our uniforms at ULSA, for the occasion re-imagined as a secondary school, with our bicycles. Following a careful uniform inspection, we take a group class photo on the school grounds. To get in the mood, we will then start off with a maths puzzle. Be sure to practice your additions and subtractions!

We then split in two groups, where the groups will compete for a special surprise teacher prank. If you like, you can already familiarise yourself with the following region on the map:

For physical exercise, we shall go for warm up round around the sports track. Next, we head to church for our weekly confession and absolution of our sins.

After that, we plan to head over with the school bus to Broker Park (South from the Casino). There, we shall enjoy the football fields, for another special group challenge. Following all that hard work, some playtime will be in order. A few games of hide and seek (no explosives and no armoured vehicles) will round off the freemode part. If there is time left, we may do few more after school club activities in a short playlist.

I look forward to see you all there, children!

Also, I’d like to express my special thanks to solitaire for coming up with the theme and for helping to brainstorm for ideas.

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