Ethical students in the school bus.

Back to school: top marks for everyone!

And we had yet another lovely crew event. This time, we celebrated going back to school! I’m proud to report that most students arrived well on time for class. We found everyone to be reasonably behaved. Reacher had forgotten where the bicycle racks were, but head mistress solitaire quickly reminded him. Once everyone arrived, we started with a clothing inspection, which revealed no severe infractions. Congratulations to everyone for being so nicely in uniform! Extra brownie points for witt for being the only one who did not forget to bring his book bag, and for creating this truly lovely “class of 2019” picture!

Following a class photo at the school entrance, we headed to the sports grounds for a warm-up run. There, priest crossed the finish line first. We resumed with a race to church for confession time. Again, priest found the fastest route, earning him a church boy of the week title on discord. Well done!

Whilst waiting for everyone to confess their sins, a maths puzzle was in order. There, witt proved to be the first to give the correct answer to the puzzle, earning him a math whiz of the week title! Well done. Those books you brought paid off!

We then took the school bus (a re-imagined prison bus) to the football fields for a special football challenge. First, we had to cleanse the fields of some unfriendly jocks. Once we finished that, two teams had to try to get a car over their respective football goals. This turned out to be a bit of a problem, as both goals got “accidentally” destroyed in the process before anyone could complete the challenge. Either way, we had fun trying.

We returned to the school grounds in our school bus, which now resembled a skate board, undoubtedly thanks to Los Santos’s finest interventions whilst we were on the football field. Back at school, each team hid the head master’s (i.e. my) car, which the other team then had to find and return as quickly as possible. Reacher found and returned the car for his team with a time of 5:40, however lorsch beat him to it by returning the car for his team with a time of 5:10. This earns lorsch a team captain of the week title. Congratulations! Also props to witt for finding a really neat hiding spot.

Next, we continued the party with a short playlist. We played some football with pantos, wrestled in kassz’s fight job and in our classic big hole derby, raced in our bikes around the sports grounds, played some angry birds on our phones, showed our parents around for the open days with a deathmatch, and ended the evening with a game of school bowling. Villem won the playlist, earning him a top student of the week title. Well done!

Special thanks to my co-host solitaire for suggesting the idea of the event, and for helping out with the preparations and with the running of the freemode part of the event. Also thanks to everyone else for joining: villem, lorsch, reacher, palrevenger, priest, lehel, threep, witt, marwa, and thitiya. You’ve all well earned your student of the week title. A recording of the event is on twitch as usual. Below, you can enjoy some pictures, kindly provided by myself, with a few extra also from solitaire, threep, and villem. Thank you all!

I already look forward to our next party!

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