German car battle report

It is Sunday September 8th 2019. Thanks for each crew member or friend who joined our event: Dr.Insane, Lehel, Mathillya, Mattiejas, Myst, Reacher (who had bad internet, thanks for joining for most of the event), Roofstone, Solitaire, Thitiya, Threepwood (who had crash issues, thanks for joining too), Vill3m, Witt and myself.

First of all we assembled behind the Vinewood sign. Everyone showed off their favourite German sports car except me. We did a voting contest for best car style which Dr.Insane, Roofstone and Reacher won with 9 votes each. That gave them drifters of the week title on discord. Then we drove towards Los Santos International Airport where I started a challenge. My fellow crew members helped me find my missing Ubermacht Sentinel XS. But I had made a sneaky plan and had asked Mattiejas to buy an Ubermacht Zion to be used as a decoy, and to customise it with the same style and look of my Sentinel XS as both cars are 95% similar. Everyone started to search for the car. Once Mathillya found the decoy car, I hinted some more details about my Sentinel XS real location. Eventually, Threepwood found my lost car so I gave him Detector of the week title on discord. Thanks for participating everyone and cheers for Mathillya and Threepwood.

After that, we started a playlist of 8 jobs including 2 LTSs, 3 stunt races, 2 captures and 1 target assault race. Myst and Witt achieved some miraculous kills during the LTSs and Solitaire did achieve a sneaky kill on me. That gave them honey kills of the week titles on discord. Swag of the week title goes to Mathillya who won the playlist.

In the end, thanks to everyone who joined my event. Hope you all enjoyed it and had fun. All credit goes to you guys.

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