ETCL Parodies party strikes back on Thursday

Without a doubt, last year ETCL Parodies party appeared to be a success. Participants dressed up and styled themselves for other fellow crewmates. Confusion, amusement ruled throughout the event. One year after these wonderful times, I’m pleased to announce the return of ETCL Parodies!

This time, we will meet in my Diamond Casino & Resort penthouse. Like in last year, wear clothes usually worn by one of crew members. Try to apply the same haircut as well. Coming as yourself does not count! Plastic surgery is not necessary. If you don’t know how specific player is dressing, while in game enter the pause menu, online, friends, and then highlight the player you wish to imitate. If possible, pick crew member’s favorite vehicle and park it in the casino’s public garage (just let the valet take it for you). Some things I’d like to do during an event:

  • small trivia about Ethical Retinue fellows,
  • voting game (with questions like “who is most likely to…”)
  • playlist containing the most classic crew jobs.

If you have any further suggestions, please share them on #event-planning channel on Discord. Finally, thanks to everyone for completing a doodle and see you at the party!

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