Happy cat doing the cat walk.

Happy cat meet tomorrow: find your inner miaow!

And we’re on for another crew event this Wednesday (tomorrow), at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we will discover our inner happy cat. So, groom your fur to perfection, rub your face ever so cleanly, sharpen your nails on the furniture, lick your soft bottoms, and practice your sweetest purr, because it’s going to get cosy! For preparation, be sure to get yourself a cat mask from the Vespucci Movie Masks and Memorabilia shop near the beach.

To start, we will assemble on the rooftop of our favourite yarn ball supplier, Darnell Bros. (also known as Lester’s factory). After everyone shows off their coolest cat moves and most seductive miaows, we’ll go for a roof climbing challenge. Yours truly also lost a poor little kitten in the neighbourhood, and who can better find a kitten than a gang of street cats! Next, we’ll hop on the train towards the country side, to do another little challenge on the train itself. Once we find ourselves near Sandy Shores airfield, we’ll take the cat bus to Paleto Bay. There, we shall do two more cat challenges that will test your righting reflexes to their limit. Be sure to practice your landing on all four feet! A short cat themed playlist will finish off the evening.

I look forward to see every happy cat there!

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