Happy cat meet: a report on the cuddliest party yet

And we had yet another lovely cute pleasant party. This time, we celebrated happy cat month by acting out as, well, cats of course! To start, we assembled at our favourite yarn ball supplier, Darnell Bros.

After purring and messing around playfully, we went on to the first challenge of the evening: yours truly had lost his little kitten! With the help of the entire cat team, we searched the neighbourhood. Fortunately, roofstone found sweet Wasabi kitty lost behind a container near the freeway. That earns roofstone a caring cat of the week title on discord! We continued with a rooftop climbing challenge. There again roofstone proved to be the top cat, along with selo in close second place.

For the next challenge, we engaged in two rounds of cats versus mice. In the first round, the mice were warlock, roofstone, and mathilya. The latter two survived the full five minutes, despite some really good efforts from the cats. For the second round, the mice were myself, villem, and witt, with again the latter two surviving. This earns roofstone, mathilya, villem, and witt, a playful mouse of the week title on discord. Well done, mice!

Following a happy cat group picture, we took the train towards the country side. Once everyone managed to get on the train (which took quite a few hilarious attempts), we continued with another little running race on the train itself. Because thitiya proved to be the fastest, she earns an adventure cat of the week title. Congratulations!

We then took the cat bus to Paleto Bay. There, we tested our righting reflexes through a parachute jump won by mathilya and witt. Next, we also did a quick fence glitch jump. There, witt managed to jump the highest, with myst in second place. Consequently, this earns both a flying cat of the week title on discord. Congratulations!

To end, we finished off the evening with a short cat themed playlist. Honourable mention goes to villem. Indeed, he excellently lead his team to the win in the cat fight club high up in the air. This earns him an unwavering cat of the week title. However, the overall winner of the playlist was witt, earning a cat king of the week title. Well done all!

As always, thanks to everyone for joining me on our feline adventure: roofstone, witt, thitiya, villem, mathilya, myst, and guests selo and warlock for joining the freemode part, with guests morti, ham, cutekitty, and gdpud also joining the playlist at the end. I hope everyone enjoyed the fun. A recording of the party is on twitch as usual. Below, you can enjoy some pictures provided by myself, with two more provided by threep and thitiya. I already look forward to our next event!

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