The doomsday trail will be crossed today!

Back in a day, specifically 12.12.2017, Doomsday Heist update was released. Many players waited for it, as it was meant to introduce new heists and challenges. In fact, it made the game look more like Saints Row, but still, it remains one of the most important updates. As a crew, we already had a party with such theme – time for reiteration, but this time, with more challenges and activites.

As for preparation, please equip your favourite clothes from aforementioned update. Bring your weaponized cars too (they don’t have to be explicitly from Doomsday, just with some installed guns). The meeting point will be the most flat summit of Palomino Highlands mountain range. My plans include:

  • contest for the best outfit+vehicle,
  • invasion on people’s yachts and Mule-carrying challenge with Deluxos,
  • mysterious challenge,
  • adventure in dark mines,
  • free car-washing services with RCV / Fire truck,
  • underwater recon with Strombergs / Scubas,
  • juggernaut chase,
  • Volatol strike on Mt Chiliad,
  • lap of honour with a Thruster,

If you have any further suggestions, feel free to PM me or share ideas on event-planning channel on Discord. Finally, thanks to Threep for some plan suggestions and see you at the party.

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