Following the doomsday trail: an illustrated story

By releasing an update back in 2017, Rockstar introduced brand new adventure, also known as Doomsday heists. Last Tuesday, we recreated the path GTA Online protagonists had to traverse in order to save the day.

We assembled at Palomino Highlands hills, away from meddlesome cops. Reacher, Mattie, Marwadiator, Threep, Witt, Villem, Roof and myself brought many vehicles which could prove useful on our trail. When dawn got up, we set off. First, our Deluxos were used to lift up Mule vans. Flying trucks fluttered around Los Santos. And we proved that we can make insignificant vehicles’ dreams come true. Next up, we took our most majestatic helicopters and tried to land at the roof of N.O.O.S.E. server farm. Everyone did it with wonderful grace, but Witt went hardcore and after performing vivid break dance spiced with rain of sparkles, and after all that, flew away.

During our party, Lester called me and informed, that there are still some hard drives containing crucial data burning in the city. And so we called our RCVs and fire trucks to move on the next adventure. My car was so hot, that some players confused me with a fire… but then I guided firemen to places of conflagrations. Strangely, most of them were on gas stations. Combined with the fact we are professionals, we ended up with extinguishing a fire not only from burning vehicles, but also gas stations.

Then we moved to the Khanjali race suggested by Marwadiator. We had to evade many proximity mines spread around the track. In the middle of the chaos, Mattie delivered his tank first. My Volatol capture followed – instead of destroying Avon’s machinery, we collected S.A.M.’s from Mount Chilliad’s slopes and took them for ourselves. Finally, a victory flight from nuclear base exit to Galileo observatory for celebration and group picutres. We traversed Doomsday trail and saved the world!

We had no playlist this time, but I decided to grant Threepwood player of the Week title, as he helped me along the crew event, suggested some nice activities and overall, I felt like he was co-host of this party. Swag of the Week title was a bit harder to grant, all of you landed the aircraft perfectly, not mentioning outfit voting contest. Finally, I decided to give this title to Villem, not only because of his great outfit, but also as he disconnected so many times and yet not gave up.

I’d like to thank Mattie for providing lion’s share of pictures below and party recording. The gallery has been completed with snaps taken by Sal and Threep. And finally, thank you everyone who joined crew event and as always, hope to see you on next one.

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