Viking meet tomorrow: let your inner Viking emerge!

We’ll gather as wild Vikings tomorrow night, at 9 PM CEST.

We’re going to be setting up camp a bit north of the Observatory (red arrow), trading hugs around the imaginary camp fire, followed by a clothing contest to see which Viking has the nicest threads, feel free to bring a rusty livery or beater car.
Before leaving the camp, we’ll have to sacrifice one of our cars precious (beater) cars to the great people above, for good luck to us all for the rest of the night.
Then we must continue to a searching game to find our lost ship (Festival Bus), I have yet to decode the imaginary script, which contains vital details for where to look, on the newly found Rune Stones in the nearby area (purple circle on the first pic).
With help from my fellow Vikings we should be able to figure out the area, and also locate the ship (bus) in no time.
We’ll then all board the ship (bus) and cruise off to the nearest drinking hall (Nightclub), here we’ll do mattie’s Macbeth challenge, drinking until we pass out and spawn at a random location outside, the one(s) farthest away takes the trophy.

Followed by a playlist which includes some themed jobs, some to be changed along the way to suit the remaining time and the amount of vicious Vikings.

See you there!

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