Wild and vicious Viking adventures: party report

Here’s the latest party report, from the Viking event held on last Tuesday.

We dressed ourselves in our nicest wild Vikings threads and meet up around the small imaginary camp fire on the small dirt road slightly north of the Galileo Observatory, quite the view from there by the way. In between some brutal Viking battles.. against crashes, thanks Rockstar, we managed to get a quick outfit vote and Vil took a clear victory with his astonishing Viking outfit, well done!

Then we went in out trusty rusty rides and drove down the dusty dirty road, to some nearby and recently discovered Runestones, in which there was details of where our long lost Viking ship was located. At first these mystic Runes looked a bit weird, but once we got a decoder graph to translate the Runes into a more modern language it seemed to make more sense. Thanks to Mattie’s quick decoding it’s meaning quickly became clear, our lost ship was located within West Vinewood, so we naturally went there to rediscover our ship. Rather quickly Marwa found it neatly tucked away in a small alley and claimed captain, while the rest of us boarded the ship and sailed off to the nearest drinking hall for some fresh mead. We need to see who which Viking was the best drinker so we held a Macbeth Challenge, while some of us went for some routine cleaning of the lavatories, our ship captain, Marwa, showed us how to get really far away on just a few horns of mead, well done! (Thanks to Mathi for quickly getting us our drinks available, as I had completely forgotten there was a requirement for such Macbeths..)

Carrying on to a playlist of activities from a game of Tug of War, although with the rope changed to quite literally a Tug, and barbaric sumo’ing on the water to cycling and running around our ship from bow to aft and back again to a game of Capture the Flag. Overall Mathi ended up being the most victorious Viking on our ship today, well done!

Thanks to Threep, Marwa and Mattie for the great pics below and as well for the recording to document our Viking adventures.

Thanks for the fun to all who showed up, Vil, Mattie, Mathi, Marwa, Threep, Dooz and quick visit from Roof in the begining, and also Moneyracer and Brachiale who guested in the playlist.

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