Kindness with friends.

Embracing kindness event tomorrow

To celebrate world mental health day last Wednesday, for our next crew event, tomorrow (Monday) at 9pm CEST, I’d like organise a meeting specifically focused on kindness. The focus will be on challenges that we do with the entire group, rather than on any competitive individual challenges. As green is the colour of hope, if you can, please prepare your green outfits, suitable for relaxing, yoga, and outdoor activity. You can prepare one outfit that fits all, or bring three different ones, whatever suits you best!

  • We shall start with a relaxed group meeting at at the hilltop directly North from the observatory. Once everyone has had a chance to talk about their day, we’ll have a hug and a group photo.
  • We then move to Rockford Hills with a slow relaxing ride.
  • At the park behind Rockford Hills Church, sensei Master Hentai, who has bettered his life, will guide us through a synchronised yoga session.
  • For more team bonding, we’ll head to Vespucci beach for a few joyful rides on the fun fair.
  • Next, we’ll take a peaceful sailing trip along the coast to the Coveted Cove. If you have a Marquis, feel free to bring it along. One Marquis can carry 4 people, although we might fit more for those who are confident swimmers. Bring your life jackets either way.
  • We will then engage in a group challenge: a seashark mountain challenge. If you can provide a seashark, that would be great. We will also need as many cargobobs. More details will be provided tomorrow.

The rest of the evening will be spent on a short playlist containing a range of on-competitive jobs. With kindness in mind, the aim will be to stay together as good as possible. The group challenge is for everyone to finish together as closely as possible. This might include activities such as challenging obstacle stunt maps, parachuting, a relaxed group bike ride through the hills, a co-operative mule race, and so on.

If you have any proposals for jobs, or cool ideas for the freemode part, please do let me know. I look forward to see you all there!

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