Halloween scary night.

Halloween indulgence on Tuesday & scarefest on Friday

As the doodle was quite a chequerboard this time around, we’re on for not one but two Halloween themed crew events next week.

On Tuesday, we will indulge ourselves with trick or treating contact missions, along with any other missions or activities anyone would like to do. We may also test some jobs for Friday’s playlist, if anyone would be up for that.

On Friday, we’ll check out the new Halloween goodies that should have landed by then in the game. We’ll dress as scary as possible, and pose on the good old pumpkin patch near El Gordo Lighthouse. A special “lost in the dark” challenge will feature as well. We’ll then to a tour of trick or treat around Los Santos, with creepy uncle Lester. A spooky playlist will finish off the evening.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for either evening, please do discuss on discord in the usual place, or simply send me a message. Finally, thanks to everyone for completing the doodle, and I look forward to see you at either or both events next week!

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