The zoo is coming to San Andreas on Monday

We were waiting six years for peyote plants to be added to GTA Online. Finally, our characters can become random animals in 76 random locations around State of San Andreas. That being said, we have another great idea for crew party!

This time, we will assemble at Paige’s place in Grapeseed, known from two setups of Pacific Standard Job. No dress code. Please bring your best offroad vehicles and scuba outfits, as we will collect peyote plants from land and seabed. Plans for meet include:

  • taking animals on cars and aircrafts
  • swimming around as animals
  • attacking Ballas as Chop
  • if lucky, Bigfoot trekking up Mt Chilliad
  • biting police officers
  • fowl battle
  • and other scientific experiments, including double dosage of peyote plants

There will be no playlist this time, so if you have any further ideas what shall we do in freemode, please comment, contact me over Discord/SC or share your thoughts on #event-planning channel on our server. As usual, thanks to everyone who completed a doodle and see you soon!

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