Insane sanitation at Trevor's.

Insane sanitation party tonight: world toilet day is nigh!

Tonight, at 9pm CET, in celebration of world toilet day, we’ll explore the insane sanitation of Los Santos and its surroundings! Bring your plumbing gear, sanitation skills, and perhaps also a mouth mask, to help you withstand the pong.

Here’s a rough plan for the evening:

  • Assemble at the source of the storm drain with our sanitation outfits and vehicles.
  • A vote for who has the best sanitation.
  • Complementary sanitation drinks, followed by a toilet break and group picture at the local nightclub.
  • A competitive search for lost property in the pong of Los Santos’s underground sewer system.
  • A portable toilet hunting group challenge.
  • A themed playlist to round off the evening.

Finally, thanks to everyone who completed the doodle. I look forward to see you all there in a few hours!

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