Andy Moon also fights for climate emergency.

Climate emergency action tonight: save the planet now!

And we’re on for another event. With the recent declarations of climate emergency, the ethical retinue cannot fall behind. We will be taking some actions for climate change awareness tonight, at 9pm CET as usual. Let’s gather in our green vehicles (bicycles, electrical cars). After getting appropriately undressed to bear the heat of the hothouse, we will engage in a range of climate related activities:

  • We assemble at Los Santos International Airport to protest against unnecessarily polluting short haul flights between the city and Sandy Shores. We want a high speed train instead.
  • From there, we will take the subway to Pillbox South. En-route, you will be challenged with a few questions about climate change. Be sure to read up on your climate facts!
  • We will set up a roadblock on the Olympic Freeway, near the Rimm Paint building, next to the subway tracks. We hope this will encourage people to take the subway instead. If you have a large vehicle suitable for blocking, keep it handy.
  • We shall then hop on the train from the nearby train tracks.
  • We will then have a group picture at RON Alternates Wind Farm.
  • You are then all invited for tea and cake with my pink flamingo with my friends at the trailer park. We can jump down from the wind turbine straight to the park, and see who manages to get the closest landing.

If there is still time, we will then finish with a short climate emergency themed playlist.

To go the extra mile, I encourage everyone to turn down those graphics options to burn less energy on your graphics card, and to enjoy the game in an environmentally friendly potato mode!

I look forward to see you all there tonight!

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