Embracing kindness: ethical paragons united!

It’s been a while, but here is finally the report from our kindness event!

We all assembled at the hilltop North from the observatory, dressed in green, the colour of hope, for a relaxed meeting around kindness. After the mandatory hugs, and chit chat, everyone talked about their day. Following a group photo, we moved on to Rockford Hills in a dump truck, which we had to switch for an ambulance due to non-intentional accidents on the road (it may have had to do something with the size of the truck).

At the park behind Rockford Hills Church, sensei Master roofstone guided us through a synchronised yoga session. For more team bonding, we enjoyed Vespucci beach for a few joyful rides on the fun fair. A sailing trip along the coast was next on the menu.

We then engaged in a group challenge: a seashark mountain challenge. We managed to bring three seasharks to the top of Mount Zancudo. We then tried to coast down the mountain. Team doozle amazingly made it safely to the bottom, well done!

We spent the rest of the evening with a short playlist containing a range of cooperative challenges jobs. Thanks to everyone for joining the kindness event and making pleasant times: herokin, marwa, provi, roof, threep, villem, doozle, witt, and mathilya. For good collaboration, everyone earned a paragon of the week title! Finally, special thanks to threep, marwa, mathilya, and doozle for providing some additional pictures for the report below! A recording of the party can be found in the usual place as well.

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