Halloween scarefest report: spooky times!

Again, a bit late, but here is finally the report of our Halloween event from last month!

We gathered at the pumpkin patch near El Gordo Lighthouse. And the cops joined us too! Once all uninvited guests had been scared away, we started with an outfit voting contest, this time won by mathilya. Well done! We resumed with a special “lost in the dark” challenge in the old mine shafts below the hills. There, mathilya once more was the fastest.

We then did a tour of trick or treat around Los Santos. Uncle Lester had no treats, so we tricked him by entering his house from the roof. Marwa and myself enjoyed some pug time and left a small present on his doorstep too.

A spooky playlist finished off the evening, won by villem. Congratulations for a stellar performance! Some pictures of the event can be found below, and the recording is available on twitch as usual.

Thanks to everyone for joining me on the party: heroriks, marwa, mathilya, villem, roofstone, and hawx. I already look forward to the next Halloween!

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