Techno party: music lovers gathering tomorrow!

And we’re on for another party, this time on Monday (tomorrow) at 9pm CET. This time, we shall go back to the late 80s, and 90s, to relive the good old days of techno music. To get in the mood, we assemble at the casino penthouse for pre-party drinks, a chill in the rooftop pool, and perhaps a quick outfit voting contest. We will then move in procession on the party bus to visit everyone’s nightclub. As per tradition, everyone will have the option to play their favourite techno (or non-techno if you prefer something else) song on discord via the rhythm bot. The dancing will be interspersed with some random challenges. If you do not have a nightclub, no worries, we may simply visit any of your properties instead. A techno garage perfectly suits the theme too!

Be sure to dress appropriately, and if you can think of a song you’d like to play in your nightclub, that would be swell. I look forward to see you all there!

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