Nativity celebration: Lester, where’s your donkey?

We’re on for another crew gathering tonight (Sunday) at 9pm CET as usual. With Christmas and New Year coming closer, and not everyone being around for the holidays, a pre-Christmas celebration is in order. We’ll celebrate the nativity scene with our arch angel Lester. Most importantly: can we find his donkey? Please dress up as your favourite nativity character (Mary, Joseph, the evil innkeeper, one of the kings, and so on). We shall assemble at the stables of La Fuente Blanca (Martin Madrazo’s farm). We may sing some songs. I’ll bring out my ukulele for support. If you play any instrument feel free to bring it along too! We may do a range of vaguely nativity related activities as well. A playlist of crew jobs and crew classics will finish off the evening. If you have any cool ideas, do let me know.

Thanks to everyone for completing the doodle. I look forward to see you all there!

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