Climate emergency: ethical rebellion report

We had another lovely event. This time, we gathered around climate emergency to raise awareness of climate change.

So, we assembled at the airport to start our protest. Here, special mention goes to geg for arriving in his amazing pedal plane! Following a group picture, and scaring a few unknowing bystanders, we moved on with a series of protest actions. First, we raided the airport to incapacitate planes from taking off. Consequently, we hope this will lead the authorities to build a new high speed train link from Los Santos to Paleto Bay, with a stop in Sandy Shores, instead.

Next, we moved on to the subway, where we were followed by NOOSE, but fortunately we lost them on the way. Once back into the city, we set up a road block on the highway, next to the tram line, hoping to encourage the locals to make better use of public transport. Indeed, no NPC ever takes the subway and we cannot stand for that.

Then, we moved on to take the train towards the wind farm. During the trip, a series of questions on climate change were asked, and threepwood managed to be the fastest and most correct ethical player, earning him a climate saviour of the week title. Honourable mention goes to villem for coming in at a very close second place, earning him a climate explorer of the week title. So, well done both!

For a group picture, we climbed one of the wind mills, and then jumped down to visit our friends at the trailer park. Geg and mathilya managed to make the furthest jump, so congratulations both! Therefore, this earns them also a climate explorer of the week title.

After hugging our pet flamingo, we kicked off with a short climate themed playlist, using electrical vehicles. For managing to get the most kills in the deathmatch, doozle earns himself a freedom fighter of the week title. Mathilya won the playlist, with villem in very close second place. Well done everyone! For their excellent performance, herokin, reacher, and marwa get a climate activist of the week title as well.

As always, you can find some pictures below, with thanks to threepwood for providing a few extra ones. And a recording is on twitch. Many thanks to everyone who joined me on the event: marwa, threep, geg, doozle, mathilya, herokin, villem, devil, and reacher. See you next time!

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