Techno party: a raving report! 1

We assembled once more, this time to celebrate world techno day.

To start, we gathered at the casino penthouse for some pre-party drinks, bathroom dancing, and techno in the toilet. We continued to the rooftop terrace, for some fun in the pool, a group picture, and an outfit voting contest. Everyone looked at their best because everyone won the vote! Well done all. We then moved on to visit everyone’s nightclub. In between raves and libation, we raved Rebel Radio to insist, on villem’s brilliant suggestion, that Cotton Eye Joe should be added to the track listing. Let’s hope they hear our calls. As a side activity, we also did our now traditional MacBeth challenge, which was won by marwa after numerous attempts to “blank out” outside the nightclub. This earns marwa a whiskey sommelier of the week title. Honourable mention to reacher for coming in second place. Well done!

For playing the best techno, doozle gets a disc jockey of the week title. Abdukov is the after partier of the week for coming fashionably late. And herokin, mathilya, reacher, and villem, get a raver of the week title. Special mention must also go to herokin for so bravely playing the macarena during a techno party. For good memories, here’s the track listing of the music that was played:

  • mattiejas: Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face
  • doozledoo: Christian Cambas the outsiders t78 remix
  • doozledoo: joe kendul & Mario feinstaub dement toentgen limiter remix
  • doozledoo: plane to berlin superstrobe
  • doozledoo: Lisa Lashes – Acthung (T78 Remix)
  • mattiejas: Members of Mayday – Sonic Empire
  • villem: circle of dust exploration
  • marwadiator: sandstorm darude
  • doozledoo: Dok & Martin – Invaders
  • doozledoo: Dax J – Sonic Drones
  • villem: Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
  • doozledoo: Umek – Amnesiac
  • herokin: Ayy Macarena – Tyga
  • mattiejas: Robert Miles – Children
  • mattiejas: Jones & Stephenson The First Rebirth
  • herokin: HITMAN 2 Soundtrack – Miami Drivers Lounge
  • doozledoo: trolley snatcha & d1 warehouse raves
  • mathilly: fluke switch twitch
  • marwadiator: Body rock X-Ecutioners
  • doozledoo: liu chang false start
  • mattiejas: Scooter – Hyper, Hyper
  • mattiejas: Underworld – Born Slippy
  • Villem: Scooter – Fire
  • mattiejas: Corona – Baby Baby
  • mattiejas: DJ Quicksilver – Bellisima
  • mattiejas: LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem
  • marwadiator: Alan Walker, K-391, Tungevaag, Mangoo – Play
  • herokin: Tyga ft. Kylie Jenner – Stimulated
  • mattiejas: Aqua – Barbie Girl
  • mattiejas: 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This
  • mattiejas: Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)
  • mathilly: Madison Mars – New Vibe Who Dis
  • mattiejas: Alice DJ – Better Off Alone
  • mathilly: Burak Yeter & Cecilia Krull – My Life Is Going On

A very short techno themed playlist ended the evening.

There’s no recording this time due to copyright constraints, but some pictures of our antics can be found below. Thanks to doozle and marwa for providing a few extra of their own pictures of the party. Thanks again everyone for joining me to celebrate world techno day, and for sharing your love for music with each other!

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