Nativity celebration: a peaceful party report

We had another lovely party, this time celebrating nativity.

We gathered at the stable in La Fuente Blanca with some nativity songs on the ukulele for good atmosphere. For a first challenge, we searched for Lester’s lost donkey! King threepwood was the best at tracking down the donkey, and thus earns a king of the donkey title on discord! Also at the party were “king of the swag” geg, “heavely queen” mathilya, “innkeeper Lester” herokin, and myself as Joseph. After taking a few nativity group pictures, we moved on to find the Christmas star. To do so, we jumped in the sky with a simple glitch at one of the farm’s garage doors. To finish the evening, we did a playlist of Christmas themed jobs, where lorsch, villem, and heggizen joined us as well, as holy angels of the week. Once again, mathilya won the playlist, closely tailed by myself and villem. Good job everyone!

Thanks everyone for joining the nativity celebration. You can find some pictures below, with thanks to threepwood and mathilya for providing a few additional pictures besides my own. A recording is on twitch, with apologies for the audio sync issue. Sadly, due to a crash during the recording, ffmpeg had some issues with merging the files.

This will be the last party report from me this year. I look forward to many more exciting crew parties next year!

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