Valentine party – a romantic report

Foolish is one, who underestimates power of love. Last Sunday, this feeling was certainly floating in the air. It could not be otherwise, since Mattie, Threep, Marwa, Herokin, Villem and myself joined filled with love party. The Valentine party.

We met near secluded dirt road to the beach in Palomino Highlands. As soon as everyone arrived, it turned out that some member of Marabunta Grande intended to intercept our tranquil meeting by shooting us with miniguns. After conquering peace again, split into pairs as following:

  • Mattie&Threep, the cowboy couple
  • Marwa&Villem, who turned out to be the hottest couple
  • Me&Herokin, the couple that likes supercars and schneller driving

Our first task included asking questions about our other in-game halves. That led us to discovering many interesting facts about us. After many amusing confessions, we took a group picture and headed to the Threep’s arcade, in order to see what Love Professor thinks about our possible relationships. The first two listed above pairs were aproved, but combination of Villem and Herokin turned out to be as cold as average temperature in Oymyakon on Siberia. With this concerning conclusion we jumped to the playlist, this time focused on teamwork (especially in pairs!):

  • cooperation race with Mules
  • Villem’s car delivery capture
  • MadRed’s hotel deathmatch
  • themed stunt race
  • another cooperation race with broken starting positions that forced us to modify the playlist
  • my sumo with lovely-looking Stingers
  • and finally, my target assault race around Vespucci Canals

I’d like to thank everyone for joining this event and making this event magical. Special thanks here goes to Mattie not only for recording our party, but also for providing some screenshots. See you all on future crew events!

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