Coming soon: That ’70s party 2

This Tuesday, prepare for a trip 30 …wait no, 50 years back in time – to the 1970s. The ’70s were a tumultuous period in recent history. Women and minorities continued their fight for equal rights, hippy movement was at its height and anti-war sentiments led to the end of Vietnam War. Oil crises struck the world, forcing people to stand in gas lines and switch for smaller, more economic cars, and also bringing along a more environmentally conscious world view.

Sexual revolution continued its triumph – many earlier taboos were undone, adult entertainment became popular and some pornographic films even managed to compete in the box office against the likes of Godfather, Jaws and Rocky. Bruce Lee popularized martial arts movies and Star Wars launched sci-fi movies to new heights. Men were crazed by Charlie’s Angels and women wanted to marry Burt Reynolds.

1970s are also famous for weird and funny fashion: bell bottomed pants, turtle necked shirts, oversized collars, massive sideburns and porno mustache. Hippy style continued to gain popularity and styles reflecting emerging music directions like disco, punk, glam rock and heavy metal gained popularity.

We will meet at usual time, 21.00 CET, in the garden of Richman Mansion that became famous in the ‘70s for the supposed mind blowing orgies that Lester’s been dreaming of. Dress code and vehicle choice should be either period correct, something from pop culture or maybe you have some other ideas. Anyway, be ready to explain why your choice fits in that time period. I hope you can find something beneath all the Bigness puffers but you’ll have a full weekend to prepare so I’m expecting some creative outcomes.  Also, think about awesome ‘70s music you’d like the DJ to play during the party. I have already prepared a draft for activities and playlist but if you have any ideas to suggest, don’t hesitate to tell about them.

I hope to see you all at the party!

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  • Vill3m Post author

    If it helps anyone, I’ve compiled a list of vehicles that are based on real life counterparts produced in the 70s:
    1. Issi Classic
    2. Rhapsody
    3. Emperor
    4. Glendale
    5. Warrener
    6. Tropos Rallye
    Sport classic
    7. 190z
    8. Cheburek
    9. Manana
    10. Nebula Turbo
    11. Pigalle
    12. Rapid GT Classic
    13. Retinue mk1 & mk2
    14. Savestra
    15. Stromberg
    16. Deviant
    17. Dukes
    18. Gauntlet Classic
    19. Nightshade
    20. Phoenix
    21. Picador
    22. Sabre Turbo
    23. Stallion
    24. Tampa
    25. Tulip
    26. Vamos
    27. Virgo Classic
    28. Kamacho (some very 70s liveries)
    29. Journey
    30. Youga Classic
    31. Enduro
    Other vehicles
    32. Vehicles related to hippy movement: Surfer, Stafford and Dynasty with hippy liveries
    33. 70s movie and TV show vehicles
    34. Your own concept