Industrial party on Thursday

Industry is known as secondary economic sector. It involves the transformation of raw materials into goods. In all GTA games industrial suburbs were included. And now, it is time for industrial-themed party.

Our meeting location this time will be a big builiding in Cypress Flats with big CYPRESS neon lights on its south side. Take your favourite industrial vehicles – a list of these can be found here, but any truck or van will do its job too. About dress code, you have 2 options:

  • Many people employed in secondary economic sector wear elegant outfits, so you can pick chairman of the board outfit.
  • Or, you prefer to be a worker in massive factory – overalls and safety helmets are your choice.

Apart from classic group picture, plans for the meet include:

  • cleaning our industry kingdom from gang members
  • Mule carrying championships
  • search for a car
  • themed playlist

Of course, if you have any further suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with me via Discord or SC. Thanks to all who completed a doodle and see you all on Thursday.

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