Industrial party – trucks, work and forklifts 1

It is hard to imagine how our life would look like without industry. Having that in our minds, we had another crew event. This time, focused on aforementioned industry of Los Santos, based on manufacturing fine products, like Deludamol and Pisswasser.

We met in Cypress Flats, on a big parking lot near the big bridge. Mattie, Roof, Threep, Doozle, Herokin, Marwa, Reacher, Witt, Villem and myself brought various vehicles, from Dump to turreted limo. Shortly after handshakes, I received a message from anonymous informant that some of our industrial businesses are under attack. Our scary machines quickly defended factory and foundry from attackers. Having counted all casualities, we regrouped at Murrieta Heights oil fields, where next challenge awaited. CEO’s inconspicuous pink Issi Classic has been hidden somewhere around the city. All 10 of us started to search for it. Finally, this challenge was won by Villem, who found the car at the Kortz Center.

Then, we started a playlist. As a first job, a first edition of Mule Carrying Championships took place. We split into pairs and we found out how much distance can be covered while riding on the top of someone else’s van. After many hilarious moments, results are the following:

  1. place: team HeroWitt – 54 units of distance (48 + 6)
  2. place: team Doozstone – 50 units of distance (3 + 47)
  3. place: team Marwatiejas – 38,5 units of distance (28 + 10,5)
  4. place: team Villwood – 15 units of distance (4 + 11)
  5. place: team Reachtilly – 9,5 units of distance (7,5 + 2)

For the remaining part of the playlist Myst joined us, and here is a brief summary:

  • Target Assault race, with Doozle and Reacher as winners
  • deathmatch in industrial district with many forklifts
  • Roof’s industrial race won by its creator
  • tricky parachute jump in the docks
  • sumo with pickups
  • and finally, race with Dozers, won by Doozer Doozle

Roof won the playlist, ahead of Doozle and Witt. I’d like to thank everyone who joined this event and I hope you enjoyed it. Special thanks go to Mattie for providing so many snaps and party recording. See you on spring cleaning party!

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