Spring cleaning with the Easter bunny.

Spring cleaning: get ready for a sparkling party!

We’re on for another event tomorrow, Tuesday March 24th, at 9pm CET as customary. With spring sprung, and the sun out and about, it is the perfect time for us to celebrate the end of the dark winter, and the rebirth of nature, with some good spring cleaning. We shall assemble at the Beaver Bush Ranger Station. On the menu are:

  • A traditional spring outfit contest. Be sure to dress your best and cleanest!
  • The Easter bunny overslept in his winter sleep, and is in a state of panic. We’ll need to help him with his preparations to ensure that Easter can go ahead.
  • Some of the chicks on the farm have been hatching early. We need to help them to find some food.
  • We will pay a visit to the realm of the eternal spring.
  • As a late (or early… depending on which country you live in) homage to mother’s day, we shall help her clean the kitchen, support her to manage some hyperactive kids, and assist her mowing the lawn.
  • Uncle Jeff, a confused farmer, lost his tractors over winter, and urgently needs our help returning them.
  • Cute but vicious baby sharks have hatched near the beach. We must lure them away to get Los Santos ready for the beach season.
  • The queen bee needs some help waking up her workers. Let’s make some noise!
  • Bowling. Because spring season is bowling season. Just like every other season!

I look forward to see you all there! Let the spring cleaning begin.

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